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Интервью Майкла Джексона для Entertainment Tonight 25 февраля 1983 года - о творческом процессе и отношении к успеху.

I: How are you feeling at this time about the success of «Thriller»?. I mean the music businness isn»t exactly going (gangbusters)? and yet you continue to sell records so well.
M: Ehm… Boy… Everytime I get platinum on my album it»s never taken lightly on my behalf. I»m always honoured and it»s great thanks, you know. I»m very happy that public enjoys what I do and I»ll continue to put my heart into my work.
I: Michael, why is it do you think that you»re able to cross over, when so many albums aren»t able to, from r»n»b to pop. I mean, it»s like a natural to you, you have something within your records that everybody just loves.
M: Boy.. I… I couldn»t say… I just create it and I»m honoured that the public enjoy what I do. I couldn»t explain why, the anathomy, why it happens.
I: There»s a formula?
M: Not that I know of. Just my heart. I put my heart in it.
I: You put your heart in it?
M: Yeah
I: When you go about writing, what happens?
M: Ehm… Songs come at the strangest times. I could be walking through a park or something and it just hits you. There»s no set time when I write. They come.. I wrote a song in a concorde, 15000 feet in air and didn»t have a tape recorder so I had to remember it and I got home and put it on tape, so.. they just come.
I: Where do you think the gift came from?
M: God
I: At this age, you»re 24?
M: 30
I: 30?
M: no, 24
I: [laughing]
M: I love performing. I could sleep on a stage, I hate leaving the stage, I was raised on stage and when I»m not on stage I am not as happy and everything seems to be foreign to me. Or new. And I»m just now beginning to enjoy friendship, which is new for me.
I: Friendship?
M: Mhm
I: With people other than in showbusiness?
M: Yeah
I: With ladies?
M: Yeah, oh yeah.
I: Is there someone very important in your life at this point?
M: Mhm.. Yes
I: How do you feel and how have you felt over the years about the crowds who, I mean come up on stage and try to get near to you? What goes throug your mind when that happens?
M: Ehm… That they enjoy what I do and they wanna shake my hand or touch me and … I think it»s wonderful. If that»s what they wanna do and it»s a good thing and if I»m projecting something that is good I think it»s wonderful.
I: But at the same time I mean…
M: Honestly, they don»t hurt me.
I: But being private kind of person that you are, I mean some people love it, you know. There»s some people love it when the fans just »sshhh» (swoop over)? them..
M: no, no, I mean it hurts to be mobbed
I: I bet it does
M: Like a (spaghetti)? when a 1000 hands coming at it. Ehm.. I appreciate them enjoying my music and what I do. I guess that»s their way of showing how much they love you.
I: But is that a difficult time for you? When people come up to you and…
M: No, I»ve learned how to handle it.
I: How is that?
M: Just to be kind to them. And wave at them. Or if they want an autograph, give them an autograph. But security usually take care of anybody who is rough or really wants to pull you or grab you.
I: Mhm.
I: you were talking about being on stage, but what is it that goes through your mind when you perform?
M: Ehm… I don»t think about much… I don»t think at all actually, I»m feeling it. It»s not a thing to thinkin or mechanics, it»s all spirit and feeling.
And sometime, every once in a while I think about the next flight, tomorrow»s flight and where we»re gonna be. But it»s really, I»m so much into the music that I don»t think.
I: Your music crosses over, you know through all different styles and then other artists haven»t done this before.
M: Well, I, like I said before, I create right from the heart. There»s no chemistry that I konw of. I just project what I feel. The biggest influence on me was the 60»s. The Motown, and the Beatles, and the Carpenters. And I don»t know if all that had a big influence on me, I»m sure it did, and I just projcet how I feel.
I: What»s the very best thing, Michael, that could happen to you in terms of your career?
M: To continue. And to continue writing songs and more platinum and triple-platinum and making history and breaking records. I love to, to create and when I»m not creating I»m not as happy. Then I get down and out. I like to stay busy and I»m very thankful.

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Подробная информация о Майкле Джексоне » Интервью Майкла Джексона
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