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Oh Oh I've been blessed
someone Heaven sent
someone I can't forget
with a smile that's true come forth for you

I used to walk down a crowded street
with a broken heart and love I'll repeat
Just wasted years Just tasting tears
I was so confused and then I met you
And that heavy load that i used to bear
you said bring it to me, bring it to me
you said darling

oh I've been blessed
from the day we met til I marry ya
oh ive been blessed
with a sunny sky
and a girl thats mine

Just like a bird with a broken wing
into your arms I gladly came
you smiled at me and I fell in love
in a minute I was torn apart
and a sound was heard that shook the earth
it was my heartbeat
tears beckon oh oh
move on out teardrops move on out oh

Ive been blessed
someone heaven sent
someone I cant forget
with a smile thats true come forth for you

oooh oh truly truly truly truly yeah
all the booksmen that have walked this land
you can find true love as safe as a map
all the man just make your plan
we can walk together making plans forever

ooooooh oh I wanna know havent you been blessed?
love forever
ooh oh ive been blessed
ooh ooh oh I been blessed
The Jackson 5 - Тексты и переводы песен » Boogie
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